3-7038-2HI National Gallery Vocal Arts Ensemble
1Fa una canzone
Music:Orazio Vecchi
2Il bianco e dolce cigno
Music:Jacques Arcadelt
3Tutto lo di
Music:Orlando di Lasso
4Lamento della ninfa - Amor
Music:Claudio Monteverdi
5Alas, Departynge Is Ground for Woe
6Rest, Sweet Nymphs
Music:Francis Pilkington
7Fair Phyllis I saw
Music:John Farmer
8Die Harmonie in der Ehe
Music:Joseph Haydn
9Betrachtung des Todes
Music:Joseph Haydn
10Abschiedslied der Zugvögel op.63-2
Music:Felix Mendelssohn
11Abendlied op.8-9
Music:Felix Mendelssohn
Im Gruenen op.59 より
Music:Felix Mendelssohn
124.Die Nachtigal
13O Mistress Mine
Music:Ralph Vaughan-Williams
14The Willow Song
Music:Ralph Vaughan-Williams
4 Choruses より
Music:Charles Ives
153.The Side Show
164.There is a Lane
Old American Songs より
Music:Aaron Copland
171.The Boatmen's Dance (Set 1)
181.The Little Horses (Set 2)
193.Long Time Ago (Set 1)
20The Turtledove
Arranged by:M.Vance
21Sing Sorrow
Arranged by:M.Gardner
22Two for the Price of One
Arranged by:A.Carter
23Spiritual Medley
Arranged by:Samuel Gordon
Swing low, Sweet chariot -- I looked over Jordan -- Open de window -- My good Lord done been here

合唱:National Gallery Vocal Arts Ensemble
ピアノ:George Manos([15]-[19])

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