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Children's Literature and the Fin De Siecle:

Contributions to the Study of World Literature, No. 113.

ed. Roderick McGillis, Greenwood

ISBN: 0313321205


Introduction: Children's Literature and the Fin de Siecle by Roderick McGillis

1. A Tale of Three Tenses by Sheila Egoff
2. The Decline and Rise of Literary Nonsense in the Twentieth Century by Michael Heyman
3. The Century of the Child: Dutch Children's Poetry in the Twentieth Century by Anne de Vries
4. Ending Only to Begin Again: The Child Reader and One Hundred Years of Sequel and Series Writing by Rose Lovell-Smith
5. Voices of Protest: One Hundred Years of German Pacifist Children's Literature by Susan Tebbutt
6. Walking into the Sky: Englishness, Heroism, and Cultural Indentity: A Nineteenth- and Twentieth-Century Perspective by Jean Webb "A Little Child Shall Lead Them": The Child as Redeemer by Margot Hillel
7. Nineteenth-Century Instances Lear's India and the Politics of Nonsense by Sumanyu Satpathy
8. Decadence for Kids: Salgari's Corsaro Nero in Context by Ann Lawson Lucas
9. "In These Days of Scientific Charity": Orphanages and Social Engineering in Dear Enemy by Claudia Nelson
10.Modern and Postmodern Instances Refugee Status: The Displaced Southeast Asian Adolescent in Post-1975 Life and Literature by Alida Allison
11. The Sky Is Falling: Children as Environmental Subjects in Contemporary Picture Books by Clare Bradford
12. Playing with Frames: Spatial Images in Children's Fiction by Cheryl McMillan
13. We Are All in the Dumps with Bakhtin: Humour and the Holocaust by Lydia Williams

Science Fiction and Fantasy
14. Shifting Shapes of Fear in Contemporary Children's Fantasy: Philip Pullman's The Golden Compass and The Subtle Knife by Millicent Lenz
15. The Ethical Dimension of Children's Literature: A Study of Drejcek in trife Marsovcki (Drejcek and the Three Martians) by Metka Kordigel

16. Uneasy Men in the Land of Oz by Yoshida Junko
17. Representations of Masculinity in Australian Young Adult Fiction by Kerry Mallan
18. Leaving the Men to Drown? Fin de Siecle Reconfigurations of Masculinity in Children's
Fiction by Beverly Pennell

19. Welcome to the Game: Cyberspace in Young Adult Speculative Fiction by Elizabeth L.
Pandolfo Briggs
20. Competency and Resistance: A Double Perspective on Teaching Books to Children in
the Next Millennium by Leona W. Fisher Selected Bibliography