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My family consists of my mother(76 year-old) and her daughter, I (? year-old). My mother has many kind of hobby, while I do not know what is my hobby. Beginning from exhibition of my mother's works, what we like and what we are interested in are shown. Have a look in on, please !

本日の運勢は次の通りです! Today's your fortune!

Thank you for coming. You are a guest of No.

雪だるま更新履歴 What's New

Last Updated: 2004/11/11 (木)

Updated after 3 years ! It's my impression of "Billy Elliot"

パレット母の絵 Mother's Paintings

Part I デジタル水彩画 Digital Paintings
パソコンの電源の入れ方や、マウスの使い方から始めて、とうとうここまでできるようになった母は えらい!と思います。
Starting to learn how to switch on and off a computer and how to operate a mouse, finally, my mother's skill become good like these. I believe that she is marvelous!
Part II スケッチ他 Sketches, etc.
There are sketches which were drawn when she had a time. I think some sketches are cute.

カチンコ私の好きな映画 My Favourite Movies

Since I saw "007/Dr. No" when I was a freshman of elementary school, I have been enthusiastic about movies, especially about foreign films, and about 30 years have passed. I don't know how many films I ever saw, and over 200 videotapes are in my house now. I would like to introduce them with my comment in my personal taste.

発見今日の発見! Today's Discovery !

What I found out like "I got it !" or "indeed !" will be mentioned occasionally, while many people may be amazed like "I know it already !" or "Don't you know it until now ?".

ルーペ私の好きなホームページ My Favourite Sites

These are my favourite sites that you may have a little advantage or a little fun.

For memorial, please comment anything. Of course, I prefer your favorable message...


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