I have read that hamster's whiskers shows the width that they can pass through.
But Momo forgets.
One day Momo tried to go into the cleaner hose. As he has the big hip, he could't go into it.
And in his effect to go, he could't get his head out.
When I ran to him in a hurry, his head gone out of the hose,and he rolled backward.
rolling momotaro

Momo-tail Momo's back

Hamsters have very little tails.
It's about 1cm, and grows a little hair and pink.
When does Momo move his tail ,I think, he has his tail up with all his might at the toilet.
I touched it softry! We haven't to touch hamsters tails ,because they hate.
I am sorry, Momo.

Momo-cheeks momotaro

Hamsters have cheek-bags like squirrels.
As hamsters cheek-bags are long,
the original forms are destroyed beyond recognition
when they fill cheek-bags with some foods and others.
Momo likes tissue paper.
Sometimes he fills his cheek-bags with it.
And some time ago, he builds his new house.

Momo-balls momo's ball

Grown-up male hamsters have very very big balls. They look to sit on a cushion.
--Momo is my first hamster, I call the petshop in haste.
--"Male of female?" the master asked me, he kept his cool.
--"Oh, Momo is a boy" I said.
--"He has grown into fine man. Don't worry. Balls." he rang off.


momo's ears Hamsters fold up their ears as soon as they wake up.
They live in dens below ground in the daytime, these are narrow.
Momo's folding ears show his feeling that he wakes up now, or he is sleepy.
Not to change subject, no matter how sleepy he feels, he has a keen appetite.