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No! TVI BCI Telephone-I

My favorite band is 6m , 50MHz band best. In Japan, there are many people so close each other especially in Tokyo. My operating location is as below pictures.


Therefore we, ham radio operators, should stop TVI etc........
I measured character of the filter to confirm stopping interference effectively.

1.Use Low pass filters and Common mode filters.

Connect them without cable.

This Low pass filter is so GREAT!!!!!! You can see specification of this filter at JG2TSL's web site.

But unfortunately,Mr.Suzuki JA2NYK owerer of this great filter company was SILENT KEY already.

But we can buy another great filter. SAGAMI Engineering is the company of thr great filter.
URL is http://www.ayu.ne.jp/user/hy2k/index.htm

2.Use TROIDAL CORES every cable.

I put may Troidal Core as this picture. And also for microphones , headphones,Keyers and PC connections.

Cover the cable with cores.

3.AC line filter

I assemble effective AC Line filters

Add more cores...(TOKIN ESD-SR-25)

More filters......

For my home TV set etc.......

for Telephone

for Radio

I prepare some GOODS for interference.

AC line filter.

Big troidal core for AC line common filter.

Common filter for TV antenna feeder .

Telephone Interference Filter

K-COM World Leader In Solutions To Telephone RFI. This filter works very well. I have already applied a couple of filters to houses in my neighborhood.
RFI were completely stopped at the moment.

Enjoy ham life without RFI!!!

de JP1LRT Yoshiharu "KEI" Tsukuura jp1lrt@6m.net