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Wes Joe Hey Charlie
Zoot Toots Niels Mr.Rhythm Django
These are post cards I drew, using water color ink, drew every dots by pen, and print them.
Each size is 15cm X 10cm.
The price of each card is 2.50 US dollar plus shipping charge.
I accept the payment through PayPal.
If you want to buy some, please contact me >>tabo@g00.itscom.net

Joe's Photo Book

Joe Pass/Collections of Takao Miyakaku
83 page / Black & White photos taken when Joe visited Japan during through1987 to 1994.

The photos are not specialized for Joe's performans, but express Joe, himself.

You can see some samples.

The book are sold at a few places in Japan, but now you can buy it here through PayPal.

The price must be changeable depends on Yen/Dollar rate, so if you interested in it, please ask me by e-mail >>tabo@g00.itscom.net
.(the price will be approximately $25 to $30 within shipping charge via Air)
...out of stock.

Please read "About photographer" at "Photo" section.