Yumoto public-bathhouse
Yama-no-yu ****

The old public bathhouse in the Yuzawa hot spring


Yama-no-yu is an old hot spring in the mountain side which went to west about 2km from the Echigoyuzawa station. It is in the point which passed through the hot spring town. We wanted to come here from before. We came here this time at the snowy season.

The cautions when parking a car are displayed. "A car cannot be parked in winter. Use the parking lot under a hill. " We park our car at the parking lot under a hill, and walk up the hill. Yama-no-yu is surrounded by the wall of snow with a height of about 2m. Water is poured in order to melt snow. It seems that a car has been parked since the upper parking lot did not have snow. The building of the lodge style seems to be buried in the tree of a mountain.


Niigata prefecture Minamiuonuma-gun Yuzawa-cho Yuzawa 930


The bathroom is comparatively new. It is the simple structure with a bathtub. The tile often polished is pleasant. Water of a hot spring is a little hot, and is transparent. I licked the water. It is slightly sour. There are two fountainheads and hot water has come out of them from two pipes.

Since we visited in the daytime, local people were coming to the hot spring. Although hot water comes from a faucet, the local man has drawn hot water from the bathtub. It seems that they are doing how to use from before. Since it is an appropriate hot spring, we want to come again.

The lady of a receptionist is shoveling away the snow.

Visit Day: 1999 January


Business hours 6:00-22:00
Closure day Tuesday
Charge 300 yen


Get down from Yuzawa IC of the Kan-etsu highway, and go the national highway line of No. 17 in the direction of Niigata. Turn left immediately and go to the reverse side (Shinkansen side) of the Yuzawa station. Progress a hot spring town in the direction of Gala. Progress to the end of a hot spring town and find a guidance board. The hot spring exists on the hill.
A parking lot is about eight sets. When snow is deep, use a lower parking lot.

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