Tsutidaru public-bathhouse
Iwa-no-yu ***

Public-bathhouse near the Iwappara skiing area


Tsutidaru public bathhouse is a municipal, new hot spring public bathhouse made in 1991. It is in the east side of the Echigoyuzawa, and the shore of Uono Riv. It is near the JR Shin-etsu Line Iwappara-sukijo-mae station.

It is a smart small building of the lodge style. A bathroom is the simple composition with a bath. It seems that it is comparatively vacant since it is far from the main part of a town also from national highway.


Niigata prefecture Minamiuonuma-gun Yuzawa-cho tsutidaru 6191-87

Visit Day: 1999 January


Hot water is transparent and it is somewhat hotter in it. From the large window of a bathroom, the mountains in Echigo are visible to the other side of a river clearly.
Since the visited day is fine, its snow which covers a mountain is dazzling. The nature of the water of a hot spring is a simple hot spring, and the temperature of the fountainhead is 35.2 centigrades.

It is glad that soap is prepared although a charge is cheap. It seems that there are also many visitors from the resort condominium near the hot spring. A break room has a tatami corner and a sofa. Although it is small, it is a pleasant hot spring. We recommend you to come for return of skiing.


Business hours 7:00-21:00
Closure day Tuesday
It is the next day at the time of a public holiday.
Charge 300 yen


Get down by Echigoyuzawa IC of the Kan-etsu expressway, go in the up direction 1km, turn the national highway 17 left, and go to the Iwappara skiing area. Turn to the right exceeeding JR line. And cross a river and turn to the right immediately. Progress on the riverside.
A parking lot is about 30 sets.

Iwappara skiing area

The Iwappara skiing area near from Iwa-no-yu was an easy skiing area for beginners before. Now, a gondola lift is built, slopes are also extended and it became very much interesting.
The panorama of the slope

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