Yunohana hot spring
Yubata-no-yu ***

Public-bathhouse of a Yunohana hot spring


Yunohana hot spring is a small hot spring town along the Yumata river in Oku-aizu, and the tourist home and the hot spring hotel are located. At the very back of a hot spring town, Yubata-no-yu is a public bathhouse near the bridge.

Appearance is not so old. Since there is no receptionist, a bathing charge is paid to a charge box by himself.


Fukushima prefecture Minamiaizu-gun Iwadate-mura Yunohana 1231


A bathtab is not so large. Hot water is transparent and it is a little hot in it. The nature of the water of a hot spring is a chloride spring. The temperature of the fountainhead is 56.4 centigrades. Since it is dark in a bathroom, a photograph also becomes dark.

Since it is considerably popular, the parking lot is full. It seems that not only a day's trip visitor but the visitor of a hotel comes here.

The local old man said. "When I was a child, the river was tepid by the hot spring. Then, we swam in the river every day. " When he was a child's time, I thought that I was more pleasant.

Visit Day: 1998 September


Business hours 5:00-20:00
Closure day Having no holiday always
Charge 200 yen


Get down by Nishinasuno Shiobara IC of a northeast expressway, and go the national highway of No. 400, No. 121, and No. 352. If you find guidance to a Yunohana hot spring near the Iwadate village office, turn left. Be along a Yumata river and progress about 4km. Pass a Yunohana colony. Yubata- no-yu is situated in an old road. A parking lot is five sets.


We visited the tofu store in the Igeta district of the Tateiwa-mura in the middle of return. Many people for an Igeta tofu store buying tofu come from a distance.
We returned to home and ate tofu.

There is the taste of an soybean in the tofu. It is hard and is delicious. Green tofu is mixing the young soybean.

The tochimochi was also nice

A new public bathhouse is in the new bridge side which exists in the center of a Yunohana district. It is mixeding bathing of a small bathtab. It is a hot spring for local people. A visitor also uses. 200 yen.

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