Yunni-no-yu ****

Comfortable hot spring of a log house


Yunni-no-yu is the popular hot spring which can go by the car by 1 hour and half from Sapporo. The building exists in the woods on a hill.
It is the big log house which melted into environment.

Yunni-no-yu is a comparatively new hot spring open in 1993. The nearby golf club is managing it. The log house is a bright clean atmosphere, and the floor of a flooring is heated. There are a sauna, a cascade bath, a Jacuzzi, and a water bath for every bathroom. Open-air baths are also by man and woman.
The open-air bath for ladies has a roof.


Hokkaido Yubari-gun Yuni-cho Fushimi 122


The color of hot water is the quite deep black brown like coffee or cola. The nature of the water of a hot spring is a sodium carbonic acid hydrogen salt chloride spring. The water is the touch been smooth and there is no smell. The woods where snow lay can watch from an open-air bath. It is said that there is beautiful grass in front of the open-air bath although snow has lain now. The temperature of hot water is not too hot and is good exactly.

The rest room is the big log cabin. Warmth of wood is comfortable. A restaurant is in the building. The light meal is also prepared near the rest room. Yunni-no-yu is clean and comfortable.
We recommend you.


Business hours 10:00-21:00
Closure day The 3rd Monday
Charge 600 yen


Go to an east by the national highway No. 274 from Sapporo. Change to a No. 3, pass the Naganuma- cho, and pass along an Umaoi peak. In front of the Yuni-cho, if you find the signboard of Yunni-no-yu, turn to the right. The hot spring exists on a hill.
A parking lot is large.

There are also cottages (About 9000 yen per night). A free camp place is also situated in near. We want to come also in summer.

Visit Day: 1998 December


We ate the age-imo (fried potato) which is one of the Hokkaidou noted products. 150 yen. A just made age-imo is very delicious.

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