Yachiyo-no-yu *

The leisure center for Yachiyo-cho townsman


Yachiyo-cho is a common farm village in the center of Ibaraki Prefecture. Yachiyo-no-yu is a leisure center at Yachiyo-cho. They spent a governmental subsidy, and dug a hot spring in 1997.

A flower field and an open air playground are in the large site which was agricultural land. The building of the hot spring is named "Keyukan".


592, Matsumoto, Yachiyo-cho, Yuuki-gun, Ibaraki -ken

Visit day : April, 1998


There is only an indoor bath.
We were disappointed because it was expecting that there was an open-air bath. We felt it as the just common Kurhaus. Of course the karaoke party was held with the big hall. There were many old women who put on their theatrical costume and sang. This hot spring is popularity to the townsmans.

100000 visitors

The commemoration event of 100000 visitors was done.
Local milk was being distributed free.


Business hours 10:00 - 21:00
Closure day the 2nd ,4th Wednesday
December 28 - January 4
Charge 1000 yen
800 yen.
600 yen
(After 18:00)

Get off Yawahara IC of Joban expressway, and go to Yachiyo-cho through Route 294, Route 125. Turn from Route 125 to Yachiyo high school direction to the left, and turn left from the corner of Yachiyo high school. Then, you arrive at Yachiyo Park.
The parking lot of the golf practice place is available. Go in the direction with the lawn. You will find Yachoyo- no-yu at the side of the pond.

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