Hakone Yumoto hot spring
Yasakayu ***

Comfortable public-bathhouse of the Hakone hot spring town


Yasakayu is situated in the old road in Hakone. Hot water is clear although it is a very old building. It seems to be an ordinary public bath here. However, it is an old hot spring for local people.

According to the hot spring analysis table, the nature of the water of a hot spring is an alkaline simple hot spring.
The temperature of the fountainhead is 51 centigrades and PH is 8.5.


Kanagawa prefecture Ashigarashimo-gun Hakone-cho Yumoto 577


It is the simple structure which has a round bathtab in the center of a bathroom.
Since the tile is polished cleanly, it is pleasant. The hot spring is overflowing calmly.

Hot spring water is a little hot. The wind from a window is pleasant. The preceding visitor said, "I came here in the middle of the journey." He said, "This hot spring is better than a neighboring gorgeous open-air bath." Traditional people's yellow bucket is used. Such a place can be felt relieved although there is also no shower.

It is said that there is also a small rest room. (Another charge)

Visit Day: 1998 October


Business hours 9:00-20:30
Closure day Thursday
Charge 450 yen
Female shampoo
100 yen


Go from Atsugi IC of an east name expressway to Odawara IC via Odawara- Atsugi expressway. Go on the national highway of No. 1 in the direction of Hakone.
Turn left the Sanmaibasi crossing near the Hakone Yumoto, and go on the old road. Progress 1km. The hot spring exists near the Yumoto Nakajuku bus stop.
There is no parking lot. A parking lot is situated in Sounji.

Hot spring manju

The hot spring manju(japanese bun) of the Hakone Yumoto is sold at the Marushima store in front of Hakone Yumoto station. The manju is inscribed by the brand. It is a small thin skin manju. The bean jam is quite soft. While a manju is warm, you should eat.

It is very delicious at the sweetness with a sufficient degree. Ten pieces 700 yen

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