Yamanaka hot spring
Kiku-no-yu ****

The famous hot water of the history which Gyoki discovered


Yamanaka hot spring is at the southern end of Kaga hot spring area, and it is a hot spring town on the upper reach of Daijoji river. Public bath in the center of the hot spring town is Kiku- no-yu.

Though Kiku-no-yu is new, it is a building with the old-fashioned temple noble appearance. This is only a bath for men. It is in the center of welfare as for the bath for women.

The history of the famous hot water

Yamanaka hot spring was discovered by 1300-year former priest Gyoki. It was devastated once after that because of the civil war. One general saw a snowy heron wash the wound of the foot in the Bunji era, and he discovered the hot spring. He set up a bathtub here. This hot spring has prospered in 800 years since it.
It is one of the best Japanese hot springs. The hot spring town became a big fire in the 6th year of Showa. The hot spring town recovered after that, and became a wonderful tourist spot.


A bathtub is very wide in the clean new building. I was surprised when it went into the bathtub. There is depth of the bathtub to my waist. Hot water is colorless and abundant.

It is pleasant though temperature of the water is a little high. Because the source of Yamanaka hot spring is about 45 degrees, it considers that the hot water of the bath is probably the hot water of the source directly.

It is wonderful equipment as a public bath. I felt this to be loved by local people when I saw the person who makes yourself comfortable in the undressing place, and the person speaking in reception desk.

The bath for women is in the center of welfare.


11, Ideyu, Yamanaka-cho, Kosyo-gun, Ishikawa-ken

Visit day : in May, 1998


Business hours 7:00 - 22:30
Closure day open throughout the year
Charge 300 yen


Go down on Hokuriku expressway Kaga IC, and proceed in Komatsu direction through Route 8. Proceed about 4km, and turn at Kurose crossing right, and go into the national route 365 line.
A toll parking lot is in the underground of the center of welfare next to Kiku-no-yu. The parking lot of the nearby bank is available in the case of the holiday.

Yamanaka hot spring town

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