Makioka town-ownership
Tuzumigawa hot spring***

The recreation hot spring of the village of peaches and grapes


The town-ownership hot spring recreation institution of the Makioka-cho in the north side of Yamanashi-shi is a "Tuzumigawa hot spring." Aliases are "the Makioka-cho vitality redoubling center and the Makioka-cho friendship promotion center."

The nature of the water of a hot spring is an alkaline simple hot spring. It is the hot spring dug by drilling. Institution for local people. The design of a building is simple and good. Since the building is cleanliness, it is comfortable.


Yamanashi-ken Makioka- cho Maki Taira 262

Sight-seeing hint

Makioka is the place of production of "Kyoho" (huge grapes) and peaches. Probably, as for the season of harvest, you can buy them at a low price. You should come at the season which harvests peaches.


Hot water is colorless no odor. There are big inner baths and open-air baths. A sauna is also situated in a bathroom. Although the open-air bath was tepid, water of the indoor bath was a good temperature.

Almost all visitors are local people. When we bought tickets at the entrance, a guide's old man said. "Did you come from the outside of a town? A foreign charge is 500 yen. " All the people of this town will surely be his acquaintances.

A rest room is a Japanese style. Food can be carried in. There is no karaoke. A dining-room is situated in another ridge.


Business hours 10:00-21:00
(Apr. - Oct.)
* -20:30
( Nov. - Mar.)
Closure day Thursday
It is the next day at the time of a holiday.
Charge 500 yen
(3 hours)
1300 yen
(one day)


Get down from Katsunuma IC of Chuoh expressway, pass Enzan-shi, and go into the national highway of No. 140 and go into the Makioka-cho. Turn left in the Makioka post office and go into a prefectural-road Shiodaira Kubodaira line. Then, probably, you will reach in about 20 minutes by the car from the center of the town in Makioka.
There is a parking lot.

Visit Day: 1998 April

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