Tokusa hot spring
open-air bath

Natural hot spring of the shore of a river


The Tokusa hot spring has the famous open-air bath of the shore of this river. A Tokusa colony is a small colony of several ten houses in Minami-aizu.

When we go to the open-air bath, there is no roof. A roof should be situated in the open-air bath. A river should rise 3 or 4m for the heavy rain of 1 month ago (August, 1998), and the roof carried away. There are only marks of a pillar and two bathtabs.

It seems that there are still many users. This hot spring is a mixed bathing.


Minamiaizu Tateiwa-mura, Fukushima-ken
(The Tateiwa-mura sight-seeing association)

Visit Day: 1998 September


Just before baths is the Nishine river. The temperature of hot water is a little more tepid, and water is overflowing from bathtabs. Since the visit day rained, I soaked my legs in the bathtab, without removing dress. The view is very very well. Probably, a fine day is pleasant surely.

The path from the road to the open-air bath is unclear.
Come down the side of the Izutsuya hotel. A small guidance board is in the entrance of the path. The center of a photograph is the entrance.

We are wishing that the broken roof is restored early.


Business hours I have not checked.
Closure day Having no holiday
Charge 200 yen


Get down by Nishinasuno Shiobara IC of Tohoku expressway, change with the national highway of No. 400, No. 121, and No. 352, and go in the direction of Oze. Pass an Iwadate village office 5km, and if you find guidance to a Tokusa hot spring, turn left. Be along the Nishine river and progress about 8km. It is in the place left from the hot water in Hirose about 500m.
There is a small parking lot.

After that

The people who went there after that taught us "The roof restored in October." We also want to go there again.

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