Tokusa hot spring
Hirose-no-yu ****

Public-bathhouse between quiet mountains


Tokusa hot spring is famous for the open-air bath at the shore of the Nishine river. In order to be calmly soaked in a hot spring, Hiroses-no-yu which is a public bathhouse is good. Hirose-no-yu is situated in the entrance of a Tokusa community. You can find it immediately.

The building is wooden and has man and woman's bathrooms. By reception desk, a local old woman welcomes with smile.


Fukushima prefecture Minamiaizu-gun Tateiwa- mura Tokusa hot spring
(The Tateiwa-mura sight-seeing association)


The reverse side of Hirose- no-yu is woods, and looks good from the window of bathrooms. It is a pleasant view. The washing place of the bathroom is narrow. There is a big bathtub in the center of the bathroom. This is a country typical public bathhouse. Water of the hot spring is a little hot, and warms up in my body. When I asked the preceding visitor photography, he made it lighthearted. I felt the friendship of the people who like a hot spring.

Water of this hot spring is slightly white. This hot spring was drilled in 1985. The nature of the water of a hot spring is an alkaline simple hot spring. Water is heated slightly. This is a quiet public bathhouse. I want to come here again.

Visit Day: 1998 September


Business hours 11:00-21:00 (weekday)
7:00-21:00 (weekend, public holiday)
Closure day Having no holiday
Charge 300 yen


Get down by Nishinasuno Shiobara IC of Tohoku expressway, change with the national highway of No. 400, No. 121, and No. 352, and progress in the direction of Oze. Pass an Iwadate village office 5km, and if you find guidance to a Tokusa hot spring, turn left. Be along the Nishine river and progress about 8km.
Since there is no parking lot, park your car out of a road.


The Magariya which is a buckwheat-noodles store (Shop name is also "Magariya")
The typical private house in Oku-aizu is called "Magariya." A "Magariya" consists of a residence and a stable and is the form of L characters. There is a Maesawa community which has a Magariya in along the national highway of No. 352.
There is also a small museum of the oldtime tools in this district.


Oku-aizu is famous also for buckwheat noodles.
The buckwheat noodles are made from 100% of buckwheat-noodles powder.
Since the buckwheat noodles are made by the special cutting method, they are called "tachi-soba." It is nice truly.

Tenpura and buckwheat noodles 1200 yen

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