Tokko hot spring
Tatsu-no-yu **

The hot spring of the tradition of the child of a dragon


Tokko hot spring Tatsu- no-yu is situated in the Shiota-taira located in the south of Ueda-shi. Since it is in the foot of the Tokko mountain in the south of Shiota-taira, it is called Tokko hot spring. This area is a paddy field zone. The Chusonji (important cultural property) which is a Buddhist temple of the Kamakura period is near the Tokko hot spring.

The tradition of the child of a dragon was made in this area. Therefore, the name of "Tatsu-no-yu" (hot spring of the dragon) was given to this hot spring. This is a common hot spring recreation center.


12-1, Tezuka, Ueda-shi, Nagano-ken


There are an open-air bath, a main bath, and a sauna. There are also a rest room and a meal place. The nature of the water of a hot spring is a simple sulfur cold mineral spring, and the water is heated. Hot water is clear. From the open-air bath or the main bath, a nearby mountain and a nearby paddy field are visible. The open-air bath is a little tepid.

A charge is 1000 yen and is a little high compared with a public hot spring. However, a rental towel is contained. It is a common hot spring center. However, since the charge is a little high, evaluation is not so high in this area.

Visit Day: 1998 July


Business hours 10:30-21:00
Closure day The 3rd Tuesday
In the case of a public holiday, it is the next day.
Charge 1000 yen
With a towel.


Get down from Ueda- Sugadaira IC of Joshinetsu expressway, and go to Ueda-shi. Progress in the direction of Matsumoto on the national highway of No. 143, turn left at the Koizumi-higashi crossing, and go to the Bessho hot spring. Turn left from the Maita crossing of the Bessho hot spring according to the guidance board of Tatsu-no-yu. Since the banner of Tatsu-no-yu is in the key-point key point, progress according to it.
There are enough car parking spaces.

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