"Pokapoka Land"
Takaban-no-yu **

The super hot spring public bath in Meguro


"Pokapoka Land Takaban- no-yu" is a hot spring public bath near the Meguro ward office or Gakugei- daigaku-mae station of Tokyu Toyoko Line. Although it is a modern building of the recreation center style unlike an ordinary public bath, a charge is the public bath average. It is the so-called super public bath.

Bathrooms are in the first floor and the second floor. In even days, the first floor is a men's section of a bathhouse, and the second floor is ladies' bath. It is reverse on odd.

The nature of the water of a hot spring is the transparent mineral spring which is not much, in a metropolitan area.


2-2-1, Takaban, Meguro-ku, Tokyo


Since it is a public bath in urban middle, it is narrow. However, there are a main bath, 2 kinds of jet buses, an open-air bath (herb hot water), and a sauna. It is devised so that visitors can enjoy themselveses.

The jet bus is considerably elaborate. The massage to soles was good. An open-air bath seems to be the bottom of a well. Since there is only no roof, it is strange touch. It is said that purple is the herb which California says somehow.

There are many elderly companion visitors.
Although we visited at opening time, it became no vacancy there immediately. It is a popular hot spring. As a hot spring in the city of Tokyo, it can be satisfied.

Visit Day: 1998 September


Business hours 15:00-midnight 1:00
A Japanese national holiday is from 14:00.
Closure day Friday
Charge 385 yen
Sauna 715 yen
Rrental towel 50 yen


Turn in the direction (the direction of a northwest) of the Gakugeidaigaku station in front of the Meguro post office from the Meguro passage. Find a convenience store to a mark the entrance of the Gakugeidaigaku east gate shopping center, and turn the crossing to the right. Enter the 2nd left alley. There is a car parking space by four sets. When you take a bath, it is 2 hour no charge.

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