Ito hot spring
Shizumi public bath ***

The life hot spring of Ito's port


A public bath along the national route just near Ito fishing port is Shizumi public bath. It came again because it was familiar though I came here before.

It is a hot spring since the old days. There is this hot spring from the Edo Period. Local people manages this in the cooperation.


11-12, Shizumi-cho, Ito-shi, Shizuoka-ken

Visit day : February, 1998


We parked in front of the entrance, and bought a bathing ticket with the vending machine, and went into the hot spring. It is a just common public bath. Most guests were local people. A neighbor is talking with the lady of reception desk.

The water of the hot spring is hot and clear, It is pleasant hot water. The bathtub made of the tile is clean. There is no washing stool in the space next to a bathtub for washing the body. Bathing guests sit on the floor, and they are washing their body. It is the bath of the local fishermen.


Business hours 14:00 - 22:00
Closure day every week, Tuesday
Charge 170 yen
shampoo 30 yen


Go south in Route 135 from terminal Odawara IC of Odawara Atsugi road. Pass Ito street. The hot spring is along the national route of about the entrance of Ito port.

A parking lot is small, and they are about four units. You can park in the port as well where it left the hot spring a little.

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