Shiriyaki hot spring
open-air bath

The big open-air bath of a hot spring to well up from the bottom of river


Shiriyaki hot spring well up from the bottom of Nagasasa River. It is famous for the whole of the river being an open-air bath. Dams are built in the upper and the lower reaches, and hot water collects there.

This hot spring rather looks alike a pool than to be mixed bathing. Therefore, most people wear a swimsuit. It was trouble- some to us because there was no place to change our clothes. It is said that this hot spring is good for the piles.

The state of the neighbor- hood seen from the lower reaches.A hot water hut can be seen. The dam of the hot spring can be seen, too.


Kuni-mura, Azuma-gun, Gunma-ken
TEL : 0279-95-3111 (Kuni-mura agriculture forestry and tourist section)

Visit day : June, 1998


A part of the river is a hot spring. Generally it is tepid. The part of the river that a hot spring wells up is hot. It is a bathtub in the place where the bottom of the riverit was deeply dug. There are three hidden bathtubs.
We are pleasant because we are surrounded by green. But, it isn't pleasant that we put on our swimsuit, and soak in the hot spring.

Public bath

A little hot water hut is in the riverside. It is local people's public bath. Water is very hot . It is prohibited there that you put on your swimsuit, and soak in the hot spring.


Business hours 24 hours
Closure day Open throughout the year
Charge Free


Get off Shibukawa Ikaho IC of Kanetsu expressway. Go to Nakanojo via Route 353. Go to Kuni-mura from Nkanojo vir Route 145, Route 292, and Route 405. Cross the bridge of Nagasasa river via Route 37 of prefectural road.
A parking lot is not near the open-air bath. A road in front of the bridge can be parked.

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