Shinshinotsu hot spring New-Shinotsu-Club-Iris ***

The natural hot spring of the Ishikari plain


The Shinshinotsu-mura is situated in the lower stream of a river of the Ishikari river. It is the village where exploitation started in the Meiji period and where a history is new. It is a vast farm village appropriate for Hokkaido. The Shinshinotsu hot spring is in two places, a municipal hotel and the clubhouse of a golf course. We came to the New Shinotsu Club Iris in the clubhouse this time.

The first floor of the building is a clubhouse and the second floor is the bathroom of a hot spring. A sauna and a cascade bath are in a bathroom and an open-air bath is situated in a veranda.


Hokkaido Ishikari Shinshinotsu-mura 46th-line South 3

Visit Day: 1998 December


The nature of the water of a hot spring is a blackish brown hot brine spring (sodium chloride spring). The temperature of the fountainhead is 30 centigrades. From the open-air bath, the country zone of the Ishikari plain is visible. Since it was the snowy season, it is a whole-surface snow field. Although temperature is the freezing point, while I am soaking in the hot spring, I do not feel cold. After a while, snow lay on my head.

Since the main bath is covered with the clean tile, it is pleasant. Since the quantity of a hot spring is abundant, a main bath is also blackish brown hot spring water. There are also a rest room and a restaurant. It seems that it is comparatively vacant although it is near from Sapporo. (about 1 hour by car)


Business hours 10:00-21:30
Entrance is to 21:00.
Closure day The 2nd Monday
or the next day at the time of a holiday.
Charge 400 yen


Go on the national highway of No. 275 north from Sapporo, and go to the Shinshinotsu village office via No. 81 on the way from the Toma-cho. Find the guidance sign near the village office and turn to the right.
A car parking space is large.

Sapporo Ramen

A Ramen store will be found shortly after going into the national highway of No. 275 from a Sapporo-shindo. The Ramen here has thick and moderate hardness. The big dried seaweed is put on it. It is a deep and rich taste. It is beauty taste especially in winter.

Miso Ramen
600 yen

Yamaoka-ya (some chain stores are situated in Sapporo)

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