Shin-hodaka hot spring
Shin-hodaka-no-yu ****

The free hot spring for mountaineers


Shin-hodaka hot spring is the general term of the hot springs along the Kamata River to flow through the west side of Hodaka range of mountains. Mountaineers have been using Shin- hodaka hot spring from the old days. Shin-hodaka-no- yu is one of Shin-hodaka hot springs. It is an open-air bath just near the Yarimi hot spring. It is mixed bathing. But, there are man's and woman's undressing huts.

The north Alps seen from around the ropeway


Shin-hodaka hot spring, Kamitakara-mura, Kijo-gun, Gifu-ken
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The bathtub is wide. Because it is the season of the thaw, there is much volume of water of the Kamata River. The sound of the river is loud. Women are in together in mixed bathing open-air bath. Women wear all the swimsuits, because the open-air bath can be seen well from the top of the bridge.

Hot water is a little It's tepid.
You can soake in the long time with seeing an Alpine scene. It is a wonderful scene. You can see Mt.Yarigatake from the top of the bridge.

Visit day : May, 1998


Business hours 8:00 - 21:00
Closure day open throughout the year
Charge free.
Donate the money to clean a bath.


Go in the direction from Tochio hot spring of Route 471 to Shin-hodaka ropeway. Pass through Kamisaka tunnel. Shin- hodaka-no-yu is under the bridge of the Kamata River.
A parking lot is on the other side of the bridge.

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