Shima hot spring
Sekizenkan ****

The oldest hot spring hotel in Shima


Sekizenkan is oldest hot spring hotel of a Shima hot spring. It is said that the building of a main building is the oldest hot spring hotel in Japan with the image of 300 years ago. Sekizenkan is in the confluence point of a Shinyu river and a Shima river. The bridge of Shinyu river is situated in the front of the hotel.

The buildings of a bathroom were built in early stages of Showa, the first floor is bathrooms, and the second floor and the third floor are drawing rooms. This bath- room is called Genroku- no-yu. The window is the arch type and I think that it was modern at the time of construction.

The ingredients of a hot spring are arsenic-sodium and a calcium chloride sulfuric-acid spring. The temperature of the fountainhead is 78 degrees quite highly.


The space taking off clothes is situated in an entrance, and there is no partition. The inside of a bathroom has five small bathtubs. From the center of a bathtub, hot water springs and it is overflowing calmly. Seeing it makes me a rich feeling.

The water is transparent and a little hotter. It is good water which soaks into the body. The faucet of a bathtub is for adding hot water.

There are also steam baths for one person in a bathroom. The chair of a tile is a nostalgic design.


The Gunma prefecture Azuma County Nakanojo- cho Shima hot spring


Business hours 9:00-17:00
Closure day Having no holiday
Charge 1000 yen


Get down from Shibukawa Ikaho IC of the Kan-etsu expressway, and go to a terminal point via the national highway of No. 17, and the national highway of No. 353. Sekizenkan is in the main part of a Shima hot spring, and is near Shima Tamura hotel.
Since the car parking space was narrow, you had better use a nearby public car parking space.

Visit Day: 1998 November


A insenjo (A place where you can drink hot spring water) is near the Sekizenkan into a Shima hot spring town. I drank a little water of the hot spring. The water is salty. Although the metaphor was amusing, it was a taste like the thin bean-paste juice of the sea weed taste.

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