Shima hot spring
Kawara-no-yu ***

Free public-bathhouse of a Shima hot spring


A Shima hot spring is an old hot-springs resort in the upstream of the Shima river which is the branch of the Azuma river. One of the public bathhouses in a Shima hot spring is Kawara-no-yu. It is constructed at the river beach of a Shima river on the north side of the hot spring town.

The stone-made building was constructed in 1994. There are clean bathrooms by man and woman. There are stairs which go down from a road there.


The Gunma prefecture Azuma County Nakanojo-cho Shima hot spring
(Shima sight-seeing association)


Although the building is small, it is strong structure and money is spent on details. The bathtub is made of the polished stone. It is wonderful.

I took the bath instantly. Water is quite hot. In order that I might cool a bath, I was able to put in cold water. However, I enjoyed hot water without doing so. The water is smooth. According to the hot spring ingredient table, the nature of the water of a hot spring is a sodium calcium chloride and a sulphate spring. The temperature of the fountainhead is 53.7 centigrades highly and PH is 6.6.

Although it is dark in the bathroom, it is the space about which people can feel easy. I was satisfied. Since business hours were short, you had better be careful.

Visit Day: 1998 November


Business hours 9:00-15:00
Closure day Having no holiday
Charge No charge
However, cleaning cooperation money is contributed.


Get down from Shibukawa Ikaho IC of the Kan-etsu expressway, and go to the terminal point via the national highway of No. 17, and the national highway of No. 353. It is in the river beach in front of Shima grand hotel.
Use a public car parking space. (No charge)

Hand made soba

Some hand made soba (buckwheat-noodles) stores are situated in a Shima hot spring. Since the soba store introduced to the hotel at which we stayed before was good, we went there again. The store seems to be the general private house. It is in the opposite side of a hot spring town on the left bank of a Shima river. Soba are a large serving and delicious.

The buckwheat noodles with tenpura.
750 yen

It is an ordinary private house apparently.

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