Shiobara hot spring
Shiobara Green Village ***

The day's trip hot spring in camping space


The Shiobara Green Village is the camping space in the entrance of the Shiobara hot spring town. Turn left at a Fukuwata hot spring and cross a bridge. You will find camping space. The day's trip hot spring is situated in the entrance of camping space.

This hot spring has a main bath and an open-air bath. This bathroom consists of a sauna and a bubble bath. It is a large valley here and it is surrounded by woods. This camping space is an auto-camping place in summer, and it is a skate center in winter.


Tochigi prefecture Nasu- Shiobara-cho Simo-shiobara 1-230


Since there are big glass windows in the two directions of the bathroom, an outdoor view is good. Hot water is transparent. It feels like that my skin may become smooth. The nature of the water of a hot spring is a sodium calcium chloride, carbonic acid hydrogen salt, and a sulphate spring. The temperature of the fountainhead is 49 centigrades and PH is 6.6.

The open-air bath is quite large. However, since there is a fence, a view is not so good. There are also a rest room of Japanese-style and a dining-room. This has sufficient facilities as a day's trip hot spring. Small charter baths are in the reverse side of the building.
You can use it for 3000 yen for 1 hour.


Business hours 10:00-21:00
Closure day Having no holiday
Charge 1000 yen


Get down from Nasushiobara IC of a Tohoku expressway, go the national highway of No. 400 to west, and go to the Shiobara hot-spring town. Find the signboard before Fukuwata hot spring. Turn left according to it and cross a bridge.
A car parking space is large.

Visit Day: 1998 October

Michi-no-eki (The station of a way)

There is Michi-no-eki on the way to the Shiobara hot spring. An agricultural- products direct-sales store "Agripal Shiobara" is situated in the Michi-no-eki.
Then, the mushroom, the Japanese radish, etc. are sold at a low price.
There are also a specialty corner and a restaurant and it is a big store.

Closing is early at the cause relating with agriculture.

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