Shiobara hot spring
Fudo-no-yu ****

Old popular open-air bath


Although the common open-air bath in the Shiobara hot-spring resort is mostly situated in the shore of Hoki river, Fudo-no-yu has left a few from the shore. You need to go across the small suspention bridge of a Fukuwata hot spring, and need to walk along a riverside path. It is a distance good to a walk. The open-air bath is in about 100m from the shore.

A undressing hut is in the side of the mountain stream with many big rocks. A bathtab is only one mixed bathing here. Hot water is also overflowing in plenty. There is no light in night.


Tochigi prefecture Nasu- Shiobara-cho Fukuwata
(The Shiobara hot spring sight-seeing association)


Since the open-air bath is popular, although it is early in the morning, it is coming many people. A lady also covers the body with a towel and is soaking in hot water. Since the iron ingredient has melted into water, the bathtab has the rust color. The nature of the water of a hot spring is calcium and a sodium- chloride spring. Hot spring water which is flowing is hot.

The circumference is woods and it is a mountain stream in front of the open-air bath. It is ideal environment.
Although it is a wonderful open-air bath, it is regrettable that it is crowded too much.

Visit Day: 1998 October


Business hours 7:00-21:00
Closure day Having no holiday
Charge 100 yen
A charge box is in the suspention bridge.


Get down from Nasu- shiobara IC of a northeast expressway, go the national highway of No. 400 to west, and go to the Shiobara hot spring town. It is in the opposite shore of a Fukuwata hot spring. He goes across a suspention bridge and walk along a riverbank in the direction of a lower stream of a river.
Although it is quite far, use the car parking space of the visitor center.

The panorama photograph of Fudo-no-yu(54kB)

Sight-seeing carriage

There are sight-seeing carriages in the Shiobara hot spring. A carriage runs the Shiobara town for 4500 yen once. A carriage is pleasant although it may be trouble for a car. The sound of hoofs is also pleasant. The photograph is a carriage which is waiting for the passenger.

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