Naguri hot spring
Sawarabi-no-yu **

The village-run hot spring of the popularity that it was surrounded by woods


Sawarabi-no-yu is a village-run hot spring in a hill to overlook Naguri-mura. It is a wooden building with the tower of the sightseeing. Because it is near from Tokyo, there is popularity in this hot spring. There are many people who come from Saitama and Tokyo for a holiday.


Shimo-naguri, Naguri-mura, Iruma-gun, Saitama-ken


There were at least 10 guests who waited for the entrance. They are called when waiting in the lobby. We were called when waited for about 10 minutes.

There is a bathroom in the floor under the lobby. The water of the hot spring is transparent, and there is no smell. Hot water is It's tepid.
The bathtub can be soaked about 15 people. The bathroom is light because a window is big. Little Jacuzzi is outside. For four people. A sauna and cascade bath are in the bathroom. I was soaked in the hot water, and I stretched limbs.

There are halls of the wooden floor and the tatami.
There is no restaurant. You can drink tea with the self-service.

This hot spring gets crowded too much because it isn't so far from Tokyo.


Business hours 10:00 - 18:00
Closure day Wednesday
Charge 800 yen (3 hours)


Get off Ken-ou expressway Sayama Hidaka IC, and go to Hanno City through Route 407, Route 299. Go in Chichibu direction in Route 50. About 6km from Hanno.

Visit day : December, 1997

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