Sato-no-yu **

The community center in buckwheat producing district.


Kanasago-cho is the hidden specialty ground of buckwheat noodles. There is little flat ground and it is the area where a low mountain continues. In the middle of the travel for eating the buckwheat noodles of Ibaragi, we came to the hot spring of Kanasago.

Sato-no-yu are the community center of Kanasago-cho. It is the building with a tiled roof which matched scenery. The mineral spring is used there.


Ibaragi prefecture Kuji-gun Kanasago-cho Tashiro

Visit Day: 1998 October


Although it is the simple bathroom of only a main bath, the green of mountains is visible from a big window. It is a pleasant temperature although the water is somewhat hot. My skin became smooth when I was taking a bath. Even if it asked the people of a reception desk, the nature of the water of a hot spring was not found. The water may be strong alkalinity.

There are two rest rooms. One is a room with the karaoke in which a local old person gathers. Another is the quiet room which is next door to an entrance. I looked at outside, sleeping on a tatami after bathing. I felt like being in the nostalgic country. It is the place which can settle down.

The Yamagata-cho course is a shortcut. But, when we visited, the course had closed.


Business hours 10:00-18:00
Closure day Monday
or the next day at a public holiday.
Charge 400 yen


Get down from Hitachi- minami-ota IC of the Joban expressway, and go on the national highway No. 293 to Hitachioota-shi. Turn left toward Daigo from Hitachi- oota at the Matsudaira crossing of the prefectural road of No. 50, and pass along the prefectural road No. 29. If you go into Kanasago-mura, find a small guidance board. From an interchange to about 26km
A car parking space is large.


It is the store of the buckwheat noodles in the site of Sato-no-yu. Locally, it is famous. We have thought that we will eat these buckwheat noodles. It had already closed with regrettable. Business hours are only 3 hours at 11:00 to 14:00. (Monday rest)

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