Sakurayama ***
hot spring centor

The public hot spring of the village of the cherry blossoms


The building which has a triangle like a greenhouse is very big. A parking lot is large.But it has been already full. This is a popular hot spring very much. Yashio hot spring village has been in Oniishi town since the old days. Sakurayama hot spring is the mineral spring created recently in the Sakurayama park. Sakurayama park is in Oniishi town, and famous for the cherry blossoms to bloom in winter. Yashio hot spring is near here.

Ushio area with the Sakurayama hot spring was famous from the Edo Period end. There was a spring of the salt, and it was a post for treatment for illness.


456-5 Jyohoji Oniishi-machi Tano-gun Gunma-ken


A dressing room is a little small, and the convenience of it seems to be bad. A hot spring is very crowded with the person in the suburbs. There are cascade bath, a sauna, a water bath in the bathroom. An open-air bath is outside. The building is a lodge style.

The lounge is in the outbuilding. That is a big banquet hall and karaoke stage. It is very noisy. Handmade noodles were sold out. I wanted to try to eat.

Anyway visit day gets crowded too much. Equipment is very good. It is wonderful when cherry blossoms are blooming.


Business hours 10:00 - 21:00
In Dec. - Mar. until 20:00
Closure day the 22nd day every month
In the case of the soil day national holiday, the next day.
End of the year and New Year's Day
Charge 500 yen (3 hours)
1000 yen (6 hours)
1300 yen ( day)


Get off at Kanetsu expressway Honjo Kodama interchange. Go to Oniishi town along Jinryu River whitch is the prefecture border of Saitama and Gunma. Turn left in accordance with the sign from the entrance of Oniishi town.

Visit day : January, 1998

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