Kusatsu Hot Spring
Sai-no-kawara ***
open-air bath

A huge open-air bath in Kusatsu


A Sai-no-kawara park is on the west side of the upper reaches of Yukawa whom it flows through the center of Kusatsu, the hot spring town.
A Sai-no-kawara open-air bath is being created in this park.

It is the huge open-air bath which can be created because it is in Kusatsu whitch water of the hot spring is abundant. An open-air bath is by the man and woman. There is 500 u in the total area.

Man entrance


521-3 Kusatsu Kusatsu-cho Azuma-gun Gunma-ken

Visit day : June, 1998


It is a large open-air bath.
I worry where I should be.
Because the center of the open-air bath isn't calm, all guests are soaked in the circumference part of the bath. You do walk bathing by your going to the opposition side of the open-air bath.

Hot water is green, and smell is poor. Hot water is not tepid though a bath is large. You can take a bath in the long time with presuming green and sky because it is suitable temperature.

The store of the usual hot spring bun(Onsen manju)stands in a line in the way from the hot water field.


Business hours 7:00 - 20:00
( Apr. - Nov.)

9:00 - 20:00
(Dec. - Mar.)
The completion time of reception desk is before one of the closing time.
Closure day open throughout the year
Charge 500 yen


Get off Kanetsu expressway Shibukawa Ikaho IC. Go to the Nakanojo through Route 17 and Route 353. Pass through Route 145 , and go to Naganohara. Pass through Route 292 (Kusatsu way) , and go to Kusatsu. It walks from the Yubatake, about five minutes.
There is no parking lot. You are to use a parking lot in front of Yubatake.

Sai-no-kawara park

There is an innumerable source in the Sai-no- kawara along Yukawa River. Each makes a little hot water pot. There is a Sai-no-kawara open-air bath at the end of the way. Many little open-air baths are in Sai-no-kawara.
You may be able to take a bath at night. (You can take a bath.)

Bathing in Yukawa River

A dog during a walk is soaked with the master in Yukawa. This is the sight of Kusatsu, too
Doctor Balz

Doctor Balz introduced Kusatsu as a first-class big hot spring area to Europe. He is loved as a benefactor in Kusatsu. The bronze statue on the other side is Doctor Scriba, the surgeon.

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