Haga hot spring
Roman-no-yu **

A public hot spring of the popularity in the district.


Haga is the town of the agriculture which adjoins the east of Utsunomiya-city. Haga hot spring Roman-no- yu is the town-run hot spring which was built at the side of Gogyo- River.
The name of Roman is based on the romantic legend of Ubagai shrine near here. It is popularity very much because it is near from Utsunomiya City.


Haga-cho, Haga-gun, Tochigi-ken


Hot spring water seems to be used for only the open-air bath (not for inside bath). Hot water is light brown and tepid.

A bubble bath, cascade bath, a sauna are in the bathroom. There are standard class as a public hot spring facility. However, we felt the bathroom was small. There are two rest halls and a restaurant.

There are many people and noisy atmosphere. The noise disturbs us so much that we could not take the bath at our leisure.

Visit day: February, 1998

Business hours 10:00 - 21:00
Closure day Wednesday
In case of the national holidy, it will be next day.
Charge 500 yen


Get off at Kanuma IC of Tohoku expressway. Then, go to Utsunomiya via Route 6. Go to the east via Route 123 from Utsunomiya. Turn left at Akabane, and go to the north.
Aim Ubagai-shrine when you go into Haga-cho. Roman-no-yu is in the shore of Gogyo River.
There is a parking lot fully.

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