Asarigawa hot spring
Marine Hill Hotel Otaru **

Public relaxation establishment to look out over the town of Otaru and the Sea of Japan


There is Asarigawa hot spring in the middle of the way which it goes through from Otaru to the Jyozankei.
Marine hill hotel is not at the hot spring, and it is on the west heights of the hot spring. This is the shortcut which goes to Kiroro ski resort without passing Otaru street.

The formal name is "Asarigawa hot spring Hokkaido crewman insurance health welfare center Marine hill hotel Otaru". The building is comparatively new, and equipment is good.


1-112-1 Asarigawa hot spring, Otaru City, Hokkaido

Visit day : in February, 1998


Reception desk of the day trip bathing is not in the entrance, and there is it in front of the lounge. You can see Otaru street and the Sea of Japan well because there is a big window on the sea side of the bath room. Snow accumulates outside. Outside temperature is less than 0 degree. But, the inside of the building is warm.
Today is Sunday. Therefore, here is crowded because many skiers come. Temperature of the hot water is suitable. I want to be soaked in the long time hot water. But, there are many guests, and I am not calm. Still, I was soaked in the long time hot water with seeing the scene of the snow. I took a rest in the lounge after the bathing. The evening sun of Ishikari bay and the light of Otaru town were beautiful.

There is no open-air bath . But, there is a good place to see a beautiful scene. You will calm down in the season when skiers doesn't come. The equipments of the hotel is wonderful.


Business hours 10:00 - 19:00
As for the day trip bathing, the lounge, until 16:00
Closure day open throughout the year
Charge 800 yen


Get off a Sasson express- way Asarigawa IC, and go to Otaru City Boyo-dai.
About 3km from the interchange.

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