Ohyu hot spring
Arase public-bathhouse ***

The simple public bathhouse of the sight- seeing base in Towada


Ohyu hot spring is situated in the entrance of the national highway which goes to Towadako from a northeast expressway. It is a very old hot spring. The hot spring hotel is located in a line along with Ohyu river. Four public bathhouses are situated in an Ohyu hot spring. We went to the Arase public bathhouse in the east of a hot spring town.

It is a public bathhouse for the local people in the shore of an Ohyu river. There is no sign, and since it is in a narrow alley, the people who go for the first time do not understand a route. The route was also told to us by local people. A map can be got at a sight-seeing information.

There is a sofa out of the public bathhouse.


Akita prefecture Kazuno-shi Towada Ohyu
(The Kazuno city office sight-seeing section)


Water of the hot spring is a clear hot brine spring, and is quite hot. The nature of the water is a sodium-chloride spring. It is the old type hot spring which have no faucet in the bathroom. A local old man is soaking leisurely.

I bore and soaked in hot water. Sweat comes out and my feeling becomes good. The water of this hot spring like to soak into my body. This touch is not felt in the bath of the useal hotel.

The building is very old. This hot spring has become a part of local people's life. There is also a rest room. You can be happy-go- lucky there. I came out outside, and I was blown on the wind at the river beach.

A old lady at the reception desk welcomed us in the dialect of Akita.


Business hours 6:00-21:00
Having no holiday
Charge 120 yen
(May to Oct.)
240 yen
(Nov. to Apr.)


Get down from Towada IC of a Tohoku expressway, and go the national highway No. 103 in the direction of Towadako. You arrive at an Ohyu hot spring in about 15 minutes by the car. The Arase public bathhouse is situated in the shore near Ohyu Shinbashi@bridge. Since it is in a back street, it is difficult to find it. You had better ask the location to local people. About five unists of parking space are possible.

Visit Day: 1998 August

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