Mine hot spring

A bright clean town- ownership hot spring


The Kawazu-cho is the south in Higashi-izu, and near Shimoda. It is far from Tokyo. The Mine hot spring with Odoriko- Onsen- Kaikan is a part of Kawazu hot spring, and is a hot spring in the lower stream of the Kawazu river. The Kawazu-cho is the stage of Yasunari Kawabata's novel "The dancer in Izu."

Odoriko means a dancer. Odoriko-Onsen-Kaikan is a big building of the Japanese style, and is a clean atmosphere. The stained glass of Odoriko is on the front wall. The kinds of bath are a cascade bath, a bubble bath, a sauna, and an open-air bath.


Shizuoka prefecture Kamo Kawazu-cho Mine 457-1


Small wood of a mandarin orange was near the open-air bath. The wood is appropriate for Izu. Water of the hot spring is transparent and is a little hot. Although a view is not so good, since a bathtub is exactly good width, I can relax. Since the bathroom has big glass windows in the two directions, it is bright in the room. The temperature of nature of the water of a hot spring of a sodium chloride hot spring and the fountainhead is 61.6 centigrades.

A rest room is large and clean. It is O.K. to carry in his own food. We thought that we wanted to visit cheerfully again. We recommend you.


Business hours 10:00-21:00
Closure day Tuesday
It is the next day at the time of a public holiday.
Charge 1000 yen
(3 hours)
Excess 1 hour
200 yen


Get down by Odawara IC of the Odawara Atsugi expressway, and go to south via the national highway No. 135. Turn to the right in the Kawazu-cho according to the Amagi peak sign. Progress about 2km and find Odoriko- Onsen- Kaikan on right- hand side.
A car parking space is large.

Visit Day: 1999 January

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