Satomi hot spring
Nukumori-no-yu ***

Hot spring on the hill in the Misato-mura


The Satomi-mura in the boundary of the Ibaragi prefecture and the Fukushima prefecture is low mountains and woods. "Nukumori-no-yu" is on a hill. Satogawa river is flowing the center of the village and the river can be looked down from the hill.

Nukumori-no-yu is half-public management. the building was built in 1995 and still new. The character of water is a simple sulfur spring and the temperature of the fountainhead is 34.0 centigrades. Water of the hot spring is heated. There are an open-air bath, a main bath, a cascade bath, and a lying bath.


Ibaragi prefecture Kuji Satomi-mura Oonaka 2076-6


The open-air bath is enclosed with the wall of a building. Although a window is on a wall, from the open-air bath, only the sky is visible. It is regrettable that scenery is not seen although it is on the hill. (The camera was out of condition and the photo became not good.)

The water does not have a smell and is clear. It is a little tepid. Since there were many local people, it was considerably crowded. There is a Japanesque big rest room and they can eat buckwheat noodles etc. there.

Visit Day: 1998 October


Business hours 10:00-20:00
Registration is close at 19:30.
Closure day The 2nd, the 4th Thursday
It is the next day at the time of a public holiday.
Dec. 28 to Jan. 1
Charge 1000 yen (holiday)
700 yen (weekday)
500 yen (17:00 or later)


Get down by Naka IC of the Joban expressway, and go the national highway No. 349 to north. Progress about 40km and go into the Satomi-mura. Turn to the right according to the signboard of the hot spring. Reach a hill.
A car parking space is large.


Since the banner of hand made buckwheat noodles was found, we dropped in there. A buckwheat-noodles store is in an apple field. It is buckwheat noodles of a specialty. The noodles is delicious. It is delicious although the soup for dipping is somewhat salty. Tenpura is also good. We can recommend you.

It is said that the buckwheat noodles in here are very popular and will be sold out at the 15:00 times.
1050 yen.

Go to south about 500m from the Satomi products direct-sales store, and turn to the right according to a signboard. Monday close.
The products direct- sales store

The direct-sales store which sells the specialty of the Satomi-mura is situated in along national highway. Vegetables, such as shiitake mushroom,maitake mushroom, and spinach, are cheap. There was also Udon noodle just made. In the open air, you can buy the ice cream of a local pasture.

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