Nanpoen **

The resturant with hot spring


There are many museum and sanatoriums of the compapny in Sengokuhara. Nanpoen is hot spring facility for a day where you can take Kaiseki-ryori (simple meal served before a ceremonial tea).

It has proide in Kaiseki-ryori and a Japanese garden where you can see from the open-air bath. As some pictures is exhibited on the walls, it has an atmosphere like a high-class Japanese inn.


934 Sengokuhara, Hakone- machi, Ashigara-gun, Kanagawa-ken


The water of pen-air bath is white and muddy. The water flows from Owakudani. The water hot spring is made to react with the volcanic gas and water artificially.

The price for Kaiseiryori is approximately 3000 yen. The charge is little high, but it's a real find because there is not crowded. We can take bath in relaxed mood.


Business hours 10:00 - 19:00
Closure day Wednesday
Charge 1000 yen


You get off Gotenba IC of Tomei expressway, and go for Hakone by Route 138. You cross Otome-touge (pass) and reach Sengoku- hara. You turn to the right at Sengoku crossing, and go to the lake (Ashinoko). About 300m from the crossing.
There is a large parking lot.

Visit day : July, 1998

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