Nirayama Hot Spring
Meoto-yu *

Nirayama-machi run hot spring


There is a "Meoto-yu no yakata" of Nirayama-machi run hot spring in the residence town near the Karino River. There is Izu Nagaoka hot spring town in the opposite side of the Karino River. But, there is no busy street in Nirayama- machi. This hot spring is popular with townspeople. A large parking lot is full.


679, Teraya, Nirayama- machi, Shizuoka-ken

I failed to take a picture of bathtub.


We dropped in at Nirayama- machi run hot spring in near Izu Nagaoka hot spring on the way home from Nishi Izu.
There are a big bathtub and a sauna in the bathroom.
The water is tepid. No open-air bath disappointed us. The rest room is small.

Visit date : in March, 1998


Business hours 10:00 - 19:30
Closure day Thursday (in case of the holiday, next day)

5/29-5/30 and 12/25-1/1
Charge 1000 yen (until 3 hours)


You get off Numazu IC of Tomei Highway and go to Route 136 for JR Izu Nagaoka Station.

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