Kusatsu hot spring
Public baths **

There are about twenty public bath (free) in the Kusatsu Onsen. Local people take their bathes habitually. There are three public bath (free) which the tourist can take bath. Ootaki-no-yu (It's charged), Chiyo-no-yu and Jizou-no-yu. Other public bath is for local people. They are not introduced on the tourist pamphlet.

Local people clean the public bathes and share the expenses. You can seach the position of the public bath at the homepage of Kusatsu-cho. Let us introduce three public bath to you.


Ruri-no-yu is the public bath which is near the bus terminal. It looks like a private house.

Hot water is clear. The bathtub is small. It is easy to slip in the space next to a bathtub for washing the body slid because of the sinter.


Seki-no-yu is the public bath which is on the busy street of a souvenir shop and the bar. There is an entrance in the place where we can't see from the street.

The bathtub is small. The tourist can taka a bath after 11 p.m.

The public bath which is close to Ootaki's hot water.

Here is small, too. But you take a bath and make yourself comfortable. Hot water is a whitish color.

Visit day : June, 1998

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