Hirano Hot spring

The public relaxation facility for hot spring in Yamanaka Lake


Ishiwari-no-yu is the public relaxation facility for hot spring in Yamanaka ko-mura.
There is Mt. Ishiwari at the north of Yamanaka Lake. It is a hot spring at the foot of this mountain.

The building is a log house style. The shape is strange, and reminds us of the Sawarabi-no-yu in Saitama where we have gone before. There are some day trip's hot spring at the east side of Mt Fuji. The hot spring has a high popularity around here.

The hot spring was very crowded. We heard from regular customer that it was not very crowded on that day.

Because it was near Yamanaka Lake, many youg people have been there.


1450 Hirano, Yamanakako mura , Minami-tsuru-gun, Yamanashi Prefecture

Date of visit : July, 1998


There are the cold bath with the source of mineral spring. The other baths are heated . The open-air baths have bathtubs made of rock and Hinoki (Japanse cypress). Additionaly, there are saunan bath, cascade bath and lying jacuzzi bath.

The bathtub is mad of Hinoki.

The degree of alkali for hot spring water is PH10. The water color is a little bluish. It is no smell. The open-air bath is very hot, we can not soak in the bathtub for a long time. The bath made of Hinoki is comparatively lukewarm.

A lounge is very crowded. You can enjoy draft beer, soba (buckwheat noodles), and other foods there.


Business hours 10:00 - 18:00

July to September : until 21:00
December to March : until 17:00
Closure day Wednesday
If it is national holiday, it's open. July and August : open
Charge 700 yen


You get off by Kawaguchi Lake IC of Chuo Express- way, and go to Gotenba direction through Route 138.
Go into Route 413 (Doushi- michi) in Yamanaka Lake, and go around the lakeside halfway.
A parking lot is large. But, it is crowded.

Vending machine of hot spring water

There was a vending machine of the hot spring. A hot spring water is supplied by a hose like a machine in the gas station. You can place a car near the vending machine. It seems to pay it with pre-paid card. We have not seen the price.
Soba of Ishiwari

We ate Soba of Ishiwari at the restaurant.
It is cheap . (450 yen)

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