Gotenba City
hot spring hall **

A municipal hot spring to see Mt Fuji


Gotenba City hot spring hall is in the heights on the way to go to Hakone, and you can look out over Gotenba city and Mt Fuji.

It gets crowded for a holiday because it is a municipal hot spring and a charge is low. More local people seems that be than the sightseer.


2160-1 Fukazawa Gotenba-si Shizuoka-ken


The bath is only the inside bath. The color of the water is light green. It is the water of hot spring. This hot spring is a simple hot spring in the alkalinity.

There is a big window in the bathroom, and Mt Fuji and Gotenba City can be seen from the window. It seems that the picture of Mt Fuji in the public bath became the real thing.

We went to the hot spring in the evening. The bathing with seeing a night view is pleasant. Mt Fuji will be able to be seen clearly in the daytime.

Meal bringing is available in the lounge. Many local old women came.


Business hours 10:00 - 20:00
As for the reception, until 19:30
Closure day Monday
When Monday is a national holiday, the next day
Charge 500 yen for 2 hours.
6 hours 800 yen, 1 day 1000 yen


Get off Tomei expressway Gotenba IC, and go in Hakone OItome pass direction in Route 138. You arrive there when you climb the slope just a little.
There is a parking lot fully.

Visit day : April, 1998

Oowaku valley

Before going to the hot spring, we dropped in at Oowaku valley of Hakone. It is a truly international tourist spot. A group tour guest in Taiwan and South Korea comes.

We ate a black egg for the first time. Strangely it is very delicious in this place. The shell of the egg is scattered in the walk course of Oowaku valley. Crows gathered to peck this shell.

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