Gokayama hot spring
Gokasan-so ***

The hot spring of the old village which is famous for the song of Kokiriko


Gokayama is the area which it is isolated from as a producing district of Ensyo (the raw material of the gunpowder) of Kaga clan in the Edo Period. It is a village in the very deep valley. That was used as a banishment area in Kaga clan age.

Gokayama is famous in a wooden house with a steep rafter roof as well. There is Gokayama hot spring from the old days. It is being used as a hot spring of Gokasan-so which is the hostel of Taira-mura village management nowadays.


333-1 Tamukai Taira-mura Higasi-tonami-gun Toyama-ken


Gokasan-so is a clean modern Japanese inn. There are the inside bath and an open-air bath. It is said that the water of the hot spring is being used for the open-air bath. The wood of the deep valley and Gokayama village can be seen from the open-air bath.
It is a wonderful scene.

Visit day : May, 1998


Business hours 7:30 - 21:00
The time zone which the person who doesn't stay can use

The time of 10:00 - 17:00 on Wednesday is closed for cleaning.
Closure day Open throughout the year
Charge 300 yen


Get off Fukumitu IC of Tokai Hokuriku expressway, and go in Gokayama direction through Route 304.
Go from Taira-mura into Route 156. You arrive at Aikura village when it proceeds 3km in Gifu Prefecture direction through No.156. So, cross a river. About 20km from Fukumitu IC.
The parking lot of Gokasan-so is fully large.

The tourist home of a wooden house with a steep rafter roof

We stayed at the tourist home "Yajibe" of a wooden house with a steep rafter roof in covering of Gokayama.

Wooden house with a steep rafter rooves in Gokayama are in three villages. The area with those houses is registered as the world legacy.

The first floor of the wooden house with a steep rafter rooves looks alike with the common house of the country. The material of the roof can be seen on the second floor from behind the roof.

A supper at the side of the open hearth

The house of the Murakami Family is an important cultural asset.

Life in Gokayama

The master of "Yajibe" told us life in Gokayama.

It costs considerable expenses to maintain a wooden house with a steep rafter roof. It cost 6000000 yen when half of the roofs were repaired. A village bears half of the expenses. If it was a tile roof, the repair cost is not so expensive.

The members of the woods association(Sinrin kumiai)repair the roof. The repair technology of the roof is held by the woods association.

Snow accumulates no less than 3m in winter. We put away snow from the roof during winter. We don't have work except for it during winter.

Tourist home "Yajibe"

1 night charge 7000 yen
You can enjoy country life.

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