Kosibu hot spring
Akaishi-so *****

The unexplored regions of the south Alps, the hot spring of the excellent view of Oosika-mura


Ooshika-mura where Akaishi-so stands, is in Nagano side of the south Alps. There is a village among the mountains.

Kosibu hot spring, Akaishi-so is a japanese inn in the upper reaches of the Kosibu River. There is the inside bath and the open-air bath which is wonderful for the excellent view. The name of Akaishi-so comes from famous peak Mt. Akaishi of the south Alps which you can look from here.


Ookawara Ooshika-mura Shimoina-gun Nagano-ken


A scene from the open-air bath is an excellent view. As the trees in front of the open-air bath is cut off, and it seems that we look the veiw through window. When you sit down on the bathtub, you will see the river bank of the Kosibu River. It is a wonderful scene.

Hot water is alkalinity, and clear. The wooden bath made of Hinoki is pleasant.

When it is full of the hot water overflowed the bathtub, we are bothered by the noise of the drainage mouth.

entrance of Open-air bath


Business hours unclear
Closure day Open throughout the year
Charge 500 yen


You get off by the Chuou expressway, Matsukawa IC, and go to Ooshika-mura. You go through the way along the Kosibu River. You pass through Oosika tunnel. After that, you turn right to Route 152 and pass by Ooshika village office and post office. There is Akaishi-so at about 5km from there.
A parking lot is large.

Date of visit : May, 1998

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