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WWW Surfing?
HotLinks in Astronomy Magazine Homepage # Best site to start an astronomical WWW surfing in the world
'Astronomy in Japan' presented by Steave Renshaw # Best site to know astronomical activities in Japan

Which CCD chip is best for you?
List of CCD chips # A Comparizon of Various CCD chips.

Japanese Amateurs' Homepages

Homepage by Takayuki YOSHIDA
Homepage by K. Oka
Homepage by Y. Chimura
Homepage by S. Kawasaki
Star and Garden Gallery by Kowatari
Homepage by K. Tominaga
Homepage by T. Tanaka
Homepage by N. Tsurumi
Homepage by T. Mizusaki

Interesting Sites in the World

Thierry Legault's homepage # High resolution planetary and moon images

Luc Vanhoeck's homepage # Nice CCD images and many hints for CCDers.
---Recomended for ST-8 user.

Mel Bartel's homepage # Fine CCD images by a computerized altazimuth Dob.
---Users of Dob and LX200 must see.

Gregory Terrance's homepage # Fine planetary and deep sky images.

Al Kelly's homepage # CCD images by CB245 CCD camera + 32 inch by him self, and his companion Ed Grafton's images by ST-6.

William McLaughlin's homepage # High resolution CCD images by SBIG cameras

Web site by M. Peyro # High resolution CCD images from France

S. Ray DeRusse's page # Unique and rare meteorite collections and planetary science research

Dr. Dietmar Hager's Page " STARGAZER" CCD images (from Austria)

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