This table shows the musical character and difficulty of each publication which is published. All sheet music here are on sale at Les Productions d'OZ and other Guitar sheet music stores. Especially you can watch demo videos at Les Productions d'OZ. Please visit Les Productions d'OZ.

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Music for Flute

Re-Mi A Longing Elegy Meditative Desert Song & Dance No.1

Re-Mi is for a solo flute. Others are for flute and guitar. They were available as PDF score from Orihotone Music Publishers United, but they closed this site. Please contact me if you are interested in playing these pieces.

The Last Day's Story

For solo guitar. This is in a magazine 'Guitar Dream' No.21 by HOMA Dream inc. But this company stopped its activity

Siyoh Tomiyama Collected Works

The first volume includes "Inisie Matsuri," "Prelude/Fugue, " "Let It Be Scattered," and the second volume includes "Seven Dreams for flute and guitar."
This publication is now out of print since I recomposed "Prelude/Fugue" plus unpublished "Toccata" as "Tomb of Ravel".

Classic Guitar Beatles

Arranged by Siyoh Tomiyama
Published by Shinko Music Co.,Ltd.

  • Can't Buy Me Love
  • Eleanor Rigby
  • The Fool On The Hill
  • Help!
  • Hey Jude
  • In My Life
  • Lady Madonna
  • Let It Be
  • Martha My Dear
  • Norwegian Wood
  • Ob-La-Di,Ob-La-Da
  • Penny Lane
  • Yesterday

Sadly enough, this publishment went out of print.

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