Works (2021)

Instruments Year
Op.1 Suite on a chorale like Bach's 2G 1984
Op.2 Passacaglia(Homage for Joaquin Rodrigo) Koto,G 1982
Op.2a Passacaglia(Homage for Joaquin Rodrigo) Harp,G
Op.3 Bubble's Rag Pf 1984
Op.4 Terpsichore for 6 strings G 1985
Op.5 King of Flowers (Sakura) Fl,Pf 1985
Variation 1
Variation 2
Variation 3
Variation 4
Variation 5
Variation 6
Variation 7
Variation 8-Coda
Op.6 "You left me the new address ..." Sop,Pf 1985
Op.7 Doukei Rec,G 1987
Op.8 Inisie Matsuri G 1990
Awaiting the Sacrificial Victim
Spiritual Rite
The Exaltation and Lamentation of the Victim
Op.9 Song & Dance No.1 Rec,G 1992
Rain Steps
Earth Dance
Op.9a Song & Dance No.1 Fl,G 1992
Rain Steps
Earth Dance
Op.10 Three Little Sentimental Pieces Pf 1992
Aged Town
Dancing in the Wind
Gushing Things
Op.11 Verse of Ruin Vn 1992
Op.12 Song & Dance No.2 Vn, Pf, Darabukka 1992
Exotic Dream
Memory of the Spiral
Op.13 Meditative Desert Fl,G 1993
Op.14 Seven Dreams Fl,G 1993
Riding the Wind
Beyond the Past
Memories of You
Bubble Rag
Downtown Gentleman
Man without Worries
Op.14a Seven Dreams Vn,G
Op.14b Seven Dreams Pf
Op.15 Let It Be Scattered 2G 1994
Variation 1
Variation 2
Variation 3
Variation 4
Variation 5
Variation 6
Variation 7
Variation 8
Op.16 Song & Dance No.3 Cl,Pf 1995
Strict Jazz
Op.17 Four Little Pieces G 1996
Aged Town
Dancing in the Wind
For All Memories
Op.18 Elegy (for a deceased friend) Fl,G 1995
Op.19 Re-Mi Fl 1994
Op.20 A Longing (theme and six variations) Ocarina,G 1996
Op.20a A Longing (theme and six variations) 2Melodies, G
Variation 1
Variation 2
Variation 3
Variation 4
Variation 5
Variation 6-Coda
Op.20b A Longing (theme and seven variations) Fl,G
Op.21 Tomb of Ravel G 1997
Op.22 Cool Water Fl 1995
Op.23 Footsteps in Distant Memories 2G 1997
Op.24 Life... or once upon a Day Ocarina,G 1997
Peaceful Morning
Let's Keep Going
Dreaming Dusk
Silent Moon
Op.24a Silent Moon 2 Ocarinas, G
Op.25 It's all an Illusion G 2001
Op.26 Waltz of Life G 2002
Energetic Life
Loneliness of Separation
Joyful Stop
Vortex of Emotion
Peaceful Destination
Op.27 Amazing Grace Variations G 2003
Variation 1
Variation 2
Variation 3
Variation 4-Coda
Op.28 Illuminations 2010 G 2010
Blue Moon
Green Tea
Spiral Silver
Sepia Road
Black Illumination
Gray Tone
Red Noise
Vanilla White
Op.29 Hishou (Homage to Brahmus) 4 parts Guitar and CB 2008
Op.29a Hishou (Homage to Brahmus) 4G
Op.30 The Last Day's Story G 2008
Op.31 Song & Dance No.4 2G 2008
Singing Voice in Imaginary Town
Turn and Leap of Elves
Op.32 Lively Young People Rag G 2009
Op.33 Moon 4 parts G 2009
White Moon
Green Moon
Red Moon
Op.34 Profound Thought Balalaika, G 2009
Op.35 Three Impressionistic Moments--Homage to Claude Debussy-- G 2009
Full of Light Falling onto Grassland before Noon
Romantic, Mysterious Dream in the Early Afternoon
Night Time Drawn toward a Clown
Op.36 Sor's Tombeau G 2010
Op.37 Dream 4 parts G 2010
Op.38 Song & Dance No.5 Ocarina, G 2010
A Day of Mr.K
Op.39 Hishou (Homage to Brahmus) 6G 2011
Op.39a Hishou (Homage to Brahmus) Mandolin Ensemble 2017
Op.40 Amazing Grace Variations 2011 3G 2011
Variation 1
Variation 2
Variation 3
Variation 4-Coda
Op.41 Doukei Cello, G 2011
Op.42 Requiem - East Japan 2011 4 parts G 2011
Op.43 Prayer G 2011
Op.44 Longing and Prayer Ocarina, G 2012
The Earth
Op.45 Song & Dance No.6 Mandolin, G 2012
Days of Melancholy
I would like to see a passionate dance
Op.46 Story for a Never Ending Night 2G 2012
Op.47 A Family Portrait G 2013
Happiness in Uneasiness
Little and Innocent Variations
Waltz for a Gentle Person
Completely Honest Person
Op.48 Variations Acciaccatura G 2013
Op.49 Hope of the Future G 2013
Calm days
Three Misfortunes
Hope of the Future
Op.50 Artificial Nature G 2013
Eating a Pie in a Forest
Eating a Pie in a Sea
Eating a Pie on a Rock
Op.51 The Moment of Shining 2G 2013
Losing My Balance
Everyone has a Moment to Shine
Op.52 Sakura Line G,Pf 2014
Op.53 Light 4G 2014
Op.54 Two Persons 2G 2014
I: Meet
II: Comfortable Days
III: Quarrel
IV: From now on.
Op.55 Influences 2G 2015
Op.56 Words make what you are 4 Parts G 2015
Op.57 Let's live easy though various things happen! G 2015
Op.58 Feeling fine now after a terrible cold 4G 2016
Op.59 Three Fragments of Life 2G 2016
Peaceful Morning
Let’s Keep Going
Silent Moon
Op.60 There is No Point to Worrying G 2016
Too Many Memories to Remember
Any Way the Wind Blows
In the Stillness of Night
Everything Will Be Fine
Op.61 Adult Time G 2016
Elegant Pub
In A Lazy Mood
Dance Party
Op.62 Red Memory G 2016
Op.63 While Seeing Spring G 2016
Op.64 Etude for Advanced Guitarists G 2017
Op.65 Urban Neon G 2018
Op.66 Old-fashioned musical paintings G 2019
Nostalgic place where I often used to have fun
When everything is sailing smoothly
Waltz for when you are cranky
Counted toys in a box
I want to keep sleeping forever
High prestige masquerade

Many guitar pieces are available from Les Productions d'OZ and other worldwide guitar shops.
Please visit my page in Les Productions d'OZ.
You can see a preview of each pieces and listen to a demo performance.
Please mail me in case you are interested in an unpublished piece. I may send the PDF if you already have some of my published pieces.

You can also see the first sheet of music by clicking on the name of each piece when it shows a link t
hough it may be different from the published edition.

Shortened Instruments' names are
G=Guitar,Pf=Piano,Fl=Flute,Sop=Soprano,Rec=Recorder,Vn=Violin,Cl=Clarinet There is a rare instrument named "Darabukka". It is a traditional drum in the Middle and Near East with skin of fish or animals.

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