Works (2019)

Instruments Published Year
Op.1 Suite on a chorale like Bach's 2G N 1984
Op.2 Passacaglia(Homage for Joaquin Rodrigo) Koto,G N 1982
Op.2a Passacaglia(Homage for Joaquin Rodrigo) Harp,G N
Op.3 Bubble's Rag Pf N 1984
Op.4 Terpsichore for 6 strings G N 1985
Op.5 King of Flowers (Sakura) Fl,Pf N 1985
Variation 1
Variation 2
Variation 3
Variation 4
Variation 5
Variation 6
Variation 7
Variation 8-Coda
Op.6 "You left me the new address ..." Sop,Pf N 1985
Op.7 Doukei Rec,G N 1987
Op.8 Inisie Matsuri G Y 1990
Awaiting the Sacrificial Victim
Spiritual Rite
The Exaltation and Lamentation of the Victim
Op.9 Song & Dance No.1 Rec,G N 1992
Rain Steps
Earth Dance
Op.9a Song & Dance No.1 Fl,G Y 1992
Rain Steps
Earth Dance
Op.10 Three Little Sentimental Pieces Pf N 1992
Aged Town
Dancing in the Wind
Gushing Things
Op.11 Verse of Ruin Vn N 1992
Op.12 Song & Dance No.2 Vn, Pf, Darabukka N 1992
Exotic Dream
Memory of the Spiral
Op.13 Meditative Desert Fl,G Y 1993
Op.14 Seven Dreams Fl,G Y 1993
Riding the Wind
Beyond the Past
Memories of You
Bubble Rag
Downtown Gentleman
Man without Worries
Op.14a Seven Dreams Vn,G N
Op.14b Seven Dreams Pf N
Op.15 Let It Be Scatterd 2G Y 1994
Variation 1
Variation 2
Variation 3
Variation 4
Variation 5
Variation 6
Variation 7
Variation 8
Op.16 Song & Dance No.3 Cl,Pf N 1995
Strict Jazz
Op.17 Four Little Pieces G N 1996
Aged Town
Dancing in the Wind
For All Memories
Op.18 Elegy (for a deceased friend) Fl,G Y 1995
Op.19 Re-Mi Fl Y 1994
Op.20 A Longing (theme and six variations) Ocarina,G N 1996
Op.20a A Longing (theme and six variations) 2Melodies, G N
Variation 1
Variation 2
Variation 3
Variation 4
Variation 5
Variation 6-Coda
Op.20b A Longing (theme and seven variations) Fl,G Y
Op.21 Tomb of Ravel G Y 1997
Op.22 Cool Water Fl N 1995
Op.23 Footsteps in Distant Memories 2G Y 1997
Op.24 Life... or once upon a Day Ocarina,G N 1997
Peacefull Morning
Let's Keep Going
Dreaming Dusk
Silent Moon
Op.24a Silent Moon 2 Ocarinas, G Y
Op.25 It's all an Illusion G Y 2001
Op.26 Waltz of Life G N 2002
Energetic Life
Loneliness of Separation
Joyful Stop
Vortex of Emotion
Peaceful Destination
Op.27 Amazing Grace Variations G Y 2003
Variation 1
Variation 2
Variation 3
Variation 4-Coda
Op.28 Illuminations 2010 G N 2010
Blue Moon
Green Tea
Spiral Silver
Sepia Road
Black Illumination
Gray Tone
Red Noise
Vanilla White
Op.29 Hishou (Homage to Brahmus) 4 parts Guitar and CB N 2008
Op.29a Hishou (Homage to Brahmus) 4G
Op.30 The Last Day's Story G Y 2008
Op.31 Song & Dance No.4 2G N 2008
Singing Voice in Imagenary Town
Turn and Leap of Elves
Op.32 Lively Young People Rag G N 2009
Op.33 Moon 4 parts G Y 2009
White Moon
Green Moon
Red Moon
Op.34 Profound Thought Balalaika, G N 2009
Op.35 Three Impressionistic Moments--Homage to Claude Debussy-- G Y 2009
Full of Light Falling onto Grassland before Noon
Romantic, Mysterious Dream in the Early Afternoon
Night Time Drawn toward a Clown
Op.36 Sor's Tombeau G Y 2010
Op.37 Dream 4 parts G N 2010
Op.38 Song & Dance No.5 Ocarina, G N 2010
A Day of Mr.K
Op.39 Hishou (Homage to Brahmus) 6G N 2011
Op.39a Hishou (Homage to Brahmus) Mandolin Ensemble N 2017
Op.40 Amazing Grace Variations 2011 3G Y 2011
Variation 1
Variation 2
Variation 3
Variation 4-Coda
Op.41 Doukei Cello, G N 2011
Op.42 Requiem - East Japan 2011 4 parts G Y 2011
Op.43 Prayer G Y 2011
Op.44 Longing and Prayer Ocarina, G N 2012
The Earth
Op.45 Song & Dance No.6 Mandolin, G N 2012
Days of Melancholy
I would like to see a passionate dance
Op.46 Story for a Never Ending Night 2G Y 2012
Op.47 A Family Portrait G Y 2013
Happiness in Uneasiness
Little and Innocent Variations
Waltz for a Gentle Person
Completely Honest Person
Op.48 Variations Acciaccatura G N 2013
Op.49 Hope of the Future G Y 2013
Calm days
Three Misfortunes
Hope of the Future
Op.50 Artificial Nature G Y 2013
Eating a Pie in a Forest
Eating a Pie in a Sea
Eating a Pie on a Rock
Op.51 The Moment of Shining 2G N 2013
Losing My Balance
Everyone has a Moment to Shine
Op.52 Sakura Line G,Pf Y 2014
Op.53 Light 4G N 2014
Op.54 Two Persons 2G N 2014
I: Meet
II: Comfortable Days
III: Quarrel
IV: From now on.
Op.55 Influences 2G N 2015
Op.56 Words make what you are 4 Parts G Y 2015
Op.57 Let's live easy though various things happen! G N 2015
Op.58 Feeling fine now after a terrible cold 4G N 2016
Op.59 Three Fragments of Life 2G Y 2016
Peaceful Morning
Let’s Keep Going
Silent Moon
Op.60 There is No Point to Worrying G Y 2016
Too Many Memories to Remember
Any Way the Wind Blows
In the Stillness of Night
Everything Will Be Fine
Op.61 Adult Time G Y 2016
Elegant Pub
In A Lazy Mood
Dance Party
Op.62 Red Memory G N 2016
Op.63 While Seeing Spring G N 2016
Op.64 Etude for Advanced Guitarists G Y 2017
Op.65 Urban Neon G N 2018
Op.66 Old-fashioned musical paintings G N 2019
Nostalgic place where I often used to have fun
When everything is sailing smoothly
Waltz for when you are cranky
Counted toys in a box
I want to keep sleeping forever
High prestige masquerade

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Shortened Instruments' names are
G=Guitar,Pf=Piano,Fl=Flute,Sop=Soprano,Rec=Recorder,Vn=Violin,Cl=Clarinet There is a rare instrument named "Darabukka". It is a traditional drum in the Middle and Near East with skin of fish or animals.

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