dired-dd (aka dired-DragDrop)

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Last modified: Mon Nov 4 16:38:28 2002

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  • Item "Man & Info" in B3 menu is renamed to "Man, Info, HTML", and it has new sub-menu item "w3-open-local". The item order in the sub-menu is also changed to "mandoc", "w3openlocal", then "info". w3 is assumed to be setup correctly elsewhere.

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  • New variables dired-dd-no-fancy-stuff, and dired-dd-inhibit-bogo-profile. The former disables all the fancy facilities of dired-dd, and might be used to make dired-dd work on the disabled operating systems (but nobody tested that yet). Setting dired-dd-no-fancy-stuff to non-nil automatically switches dired-dd-inhibit-bogo-profile to non-nil as well, which is implemented to avoid weird death of remote emacs-20 on my note PC (see ChangeLog in the package).

  • Now "Delete Recursive" B3 menu item executes the relevant shell command in background. With this fix, the dired buffer may not be updated after the deletion, but I couldn't stand while I am deleting a big directory.

  • Fixed the function dired-dd-copy-recursive corresponding to "Copy Recursive" in B2/B3 menu. GNU "cp -a" copies a directory differently dependig whether the destination directory already exists as specified or not, and this fix remedies the difference of the behaviour.

  • New handler dired-dd-lm.el for drag-and-drop into non-dired buffer, which creates a MIME mail framework in mail/article drafting buffer of Gnus, mew, mh-e, or a `Mail' mode buffer upon dropping MIME attachment file(s) from dired buffer. It requires lm.el (also newly included), which is a simple interface to /usr/local/bin/uuenview (which should have -a option). In lm.el, Japanese character coding-system handler is hard-coded, so perhaps the program does not make sense at all in drafting non-Japanese mail, sorry.

    Changes in

  • Now most of shell commands invoked from B3 menu are executed asynchronously.

  • dired-dd-timidity.el is included as another example of a "dired-dd-non-dired-drop-handler". With dired-dd-timidity.el, you can play MIDI files(s) by dropping into a timidy-mode buffer (drag-mouse-2).

    Timidity is a MIDI soft-synthesizer, which has an emacs interface timidity.el. M-x timidity RET (in an independent emacs frame, you may prefer that) creates a timidity buffer, and then, you can drop midi file(s) into it. If you drop multiple MIDI files (they could be gzip'ed, timidity knows how to deal with them), the MIDI files are played in the mark order.

    Current timidity release is called TiMidity++, and can be retrieved (perhaps) from: TiMidity++ developer's site

  • Now non-dired-drop handlers are in `non-dired-drop' directory.

  • Mule-2.3 based on emacs-19.34 is supported.

    Goto dired-dd Menu Tour (Menu Screenshot included)

    Screenshot Screenshot of Mule-2.3 running dired-dd (of

    Excerpt from `Overview' section of the Document:

    Dired-dd (aka Dired-DragDrop) is a minor mode enabling mouse interface for dired / dired-x.

    It provides facilities in dired:


    locate-dired can be located in `spinout' directory of dired-dd distribution. The `spinout' directory contains other assorted stuffs including a patch for `archie.el', elisp codes for URL-to-ange-ftp conversion, Netscape bookmark stealer, and others that work well with dired-dd.

    GPL2 is applied to dired-dd

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