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Report from Sunagawa Jiro the member of Shiga-city council (^O^)/~~
The movement against white fasism, corruption and discrimination
Japan Shiga-ken Shiga-chyo Nakahama 450-1,Pharmacy of Raccoon

Surface of Japan it's looks like democratic but inside there is totalitarianism by white fasism (It's looks like clean but very dengerous for the world. That cleanliness is homogeneous, doesn't accept various way of life. Exceptions of mainstream are target of attack or alienate. )
All most Japanese understand democracy as dicide by majyority only, there is no good undersranding about nature of the problem and humanrights.(most incidents caused by it)
In elementary shool many time dicide raise one's hand and poor discussion,
the same thing happens in  almost local government and Japanese government that's very serious.

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   2002.04.14     Today is the voting day of our town, of course I am candidate of town  assembly.

                       The voting results will be known until midnight.

                       Sorry to my friends in Denmark  I am so busy to renew my English home page.
                       I am good will.

                       See you again in Denmark This summer.

                       This page is election days photo so you can see it. 

                       This photo is aroun country side my town.

   2000.10.8   Today is so good day so I go aroud my town by my campeing car to speak "Quit Mayor in our town"
               6hours til noon.

   2000.10.5   On October 2nd, The trial had started in Ootu courthouse,  many news media
                 spectators gathered.
                 I accused him as folows reason.
                 Mayor Kitagawa in our city  presented 5000Yen per person to politicians and
                 authoritys just before election of mayer, in excuse of suvenir for open new
                 city office celebratin.

   2000.9.29   Start making english pages.
                 Thank's friends to visit my home page. _(^o^)/
                English front page

   2000.9.23          I am now campeing "Quit Mayor in our town"by corruption.

Now 5 pesons have been arrested !!

   2000.9.15  Official corruption concerning buy pices of land for by-pass!! News paper links.

   2000.9.04  Sorry, I have not been updated. Bicouse I have been to Scandinavian countrys since July
                   19th.  I paticipate summer school in Denmark to lern Danish and Danish culture
                   (politics,economy,welfear,arts) for 3 weeks,
                   Before I jyoined to the school, traveling aroud the Baltic countrys.
                   You know?
                   Baltic countrys are prideful countrys. They got the reindipendent in 1991 by the peoples
                   chein connecting three Capitals and they sing the songs for reindipendent.
                   The Soviet Union using cruel KGB but could not stop these  movement.