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Nov., 2000  New   We have introduced a thesis about autopoiesis to the public!!  Look at the ‘research reports’ below, please.

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The earth presents the aspect which seems just to live. The earth has just never the system which is composed of only by things. The environments on the earth have been made through the system that life creates. But, as for the present earth science, this recognition seems extremely lack. So,......

The researches of the experiment of the closed ecosystem (mini-earth) and autopoiesis theory have been done in our laboratory for several years. We will introduce the system which life creates and its state of the innumerable changes to the public one after another.

Figure of ecosystem

Moriyama and Takahara laboratories, Nihon University

2-11-1 Shin'ei, Narashino-shi, Chiba-ken 275, JAPAN

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So called mini-earth is a closed ecosystem. Here, closed system is characterized by materially closed but energitically open system.

Let's try to think about the earth. Solar energy pours into the earth from the outside, and on the other hand, heat is radiated by the shape of the infrared rays in the space by the earth. But the earth is closed materially except for the example like the rushes of the meteorites and the solar winds. So, the earth forms one of huge closed ecosystems.

The formation and its changing of both life and the environment have been repeated for about 4,000,000,000 years in this huge closed space, that is, the earth which is a huge closed ecosystem. Let's call it GAIA. The GAIA is a huge closed ecosystem. The recognition that the earth is really closed ecosystem is the first step to understand what the earth is, how it was formed and how it had changed.

We made some mini-earth to know the movement of closed ecosystems deeply. We want to know what the earth is by studying them!

research reports

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