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Please enjoy the fantastic world with the Blob POV-Ray doll.

    Try and try, and try.
    Multi-try is the miracle ceremony that contains spiral structure for getting into the Heaven.
    Don't stop and consentrate with tears and sweats so many, make the integration of trial times!

    Stop the wonder in the conscious matter. The spiral will reach in the Area where the jumping is the flying in the meaning's birth area, every words is related with every thing, the Heaven.

The Birth of Blue / 43k / July 1997 / by Tsutomu Higo

    Wait till the frames change to the wings that will bring you throug the time and the space.
    Wait till the time and the space appear and show you the fact that will show you the true figure.

    Live throug the wire or the fire, be free from the wire or the fire. And gaze the truth that forms the time and the space.
    The truth that all yours are in yours.

The Birth of Vermilion / 38k / July 1997 / by Tsutomu Higo

    This is a sanctuary of the music with dimly shining pipes to the Heaven.
    A clear tenor sounds in the holl multi-layered.
    Now we are enclosed. Our hearts resonate and fill up in the holl to take a flight.

The Time of Advent / 58k / July 1997 / by Tsutomu Higo

    Men, as rioters, throw himself into mobs for common fears.
    Men, as persons, construct organizations for common benefits.
    Men, as individuals, communicate with each other for common concerns.

    Now, we are in the end of the century.
    What will happen on us?

Wings / 72k / July 1997 / by Tsutomu Higo

    The Earth, filled with greens and blue water, the jewel of this Cosmos!
    More deeply we know, more deeply we are conscious of the God's will.
    Who could soil this jewel?

    I beg your perdon for soiling this jewel. There are so many I, prolific rats that are crafty and have been killing or violating so many various creatures.

Blessed Sphere / 47k / July 1997 / by Tsutomu Higo

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