Aug. 07, 2000

A cut engine device(ISTAR) is introduced moreover to cut engine safely and easily and to make it restart engine quickly.
At present in Japan, the device being installed in route buses is expensive, and many hours are necessary for the installation, It can only installed in some special vehicles and it can not be installed in any vehicles.
Istar is economy, and it is the device that installation is easily possible for any vehicles.

Q1. Every times a cut engine, it is troublesome to cut engine key !

A1. Imagine the device being installed in the route bus. This device does not do cut engine and re-start engine with ignition key. Cut and re-start engin is done with the push button of the device.
Q2. However, when cut engine, electric circuit is interrupted, and can not operate the turning signal and the power windows can not oped and close any more.
A2. It is interruped only electric circuit of the engine system, and it does not have interrupted with other electric circuits. So, all device, except for the engine, can work.

Q3. It is worried about that who can re-start engine whithout the problem.

A3. You may only push switch and can re-start engine without problems. Just push engine start button and engine starter motor run automatically and when engine start, starter motor stop automatically.

Q4. Afraid that a battey and a starter will break down by cut engine which occurs repeatedly and re-start engine.
A4. Such anxiety is unnecessary for this device. The exhaustion of electric power is out of question, because the re re-start of engine will do automatically at the very shot time. The electric power used for the re-start engine is recovered soon. It thinks that it is the same as the usual use because this device does not handle a starter for the un-necessitu when a starter's trouble is compared with the thing which a stater is handled for b hand, too.

Q5. How many hours need installed ISTER?

A5. It need only less 1 hour for any vehicles.
Q6. We hate expensive cost of device!

A6. Cost is US$490.00 + parcel cost. So we belive that you can recovery this cost in a few years.

Q7. The oen to start engine since idling of the engine as well hears that a lot of exhaust gas is taken out.

A7. Generally it is reported that the one which made an engine stop is more effective under the condition of only 3 seconds and more idling by the report of the public organ. 59.4kilo litters of diesel are saved, and effect an NOx reduction is effective 4.9% when all diesel engine trucks and buses to run make engine stop at the time of 25 seconds and more idling condition inside Tokyo Metroplis.

Q8. But, the National Police Agency reported increasing exhaust convesely when an engine is made to stop at the crossing.

A8. We went to the National Police Agency, and it had listened to that reason.
When an engine is stopped at crossing, the re-start of the engine takes time, and traffic jam is likely to be caused. Then, it was the reason that exhaust was likely to come out unnecessarily due to the traffic jam. An engine stop in waiting traffic light replied when there was effect if it did not cause traffic jam.
ISTAR does not cause traffice jam because the re^start of the engine is done dafely and smoothly.

Though we made an expperiment in the city area, about 8 - 10% of the fuel could be saved by all cars which a device was put on.

Finish thinking, and stop an engine when you are waiting for the traffic signal light. Experuebce gappiness of the unpretentious cooperation that it contributes to prevention of air pollution the moment you make it.

It is, and becomes a present to the descendant because the small consideration that it is made who to be is you.

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